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Create a Menu

Menus in WordPress are an easy way to help people navigate your site. Always remember to click Save Menu after you make changes to your menu!

Creating and Updating a Menu

To create a menu go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus.

In the Menu Name box, give your new menu a name (ex., Main Menu) and then click Create Menu. Now you can add elements to your menu.

On the left side of the screen, you’ll see options to add Pages, Posts, Custom Links, Categories, and Format.

If you click on the arrow on the right side of Pages, for example, you’ll see tabs with Most Recent, View All, and Search. Most of your pages will show up under Most Recent, but you might need to check under View All if you don’t see a Page that you want to add to your menu. Click in the box┬áto left of the Page(s) you want to add to your Menu and then click Add to Menu.

You can add Categories to your Menu which will then allow people to navigate to your Category Archive for any posts with that Category.

Custom Links are a good way to link to external content. Click on the arrow to the right of Custom Links. Add the URL to the outside link in the appropriate box. The box next to Link Text should include the text as you want it to appear in your Menu. Once you’ve added that content, click Add to Menu.

Reordering a Menu

Once you’ve added items to your menu, you can rearrange the order by dragging and dropping elements. You can also make a menu item a sub-item of another menu item by dragging it to the right.

Deleting a Menu Item

You can delete a menu item by clicking on the arrow to the right of the menu item name and then clicking on Remove.

Display Location

Once your menu is set, be sure to apply it to a location on the site. Under Menu Settings (at the bottom of the Menus page), be sure to select one of the Display location.


Always remember to click Save Menu after you make changes.

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